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Rubies Candy Bowl 368898 Darth Vader Candy holder
Rubies Candy Bowl 368898 Darth Vader Candy holder

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Press Text

Marc Opletal founded the company OPLE Props at the end of 2016. Now he delivers costume parts and prop replicas all over the world. Not only Star Wars fans love his products, because of their high quality. More and more cosplayers enjoying the products and use them for their costumes. Many products are individually manufactured and will be installed personally on site.

Short biography

Marc Opletal (born on 14th of March 1979) was confronted with the Star Wars universe very early in his childhood. When his parents saw the first Star Wars movie in the cinema in 1977, they shared their enthusiasm with him by buying and gifting the toys from the movie. Of course he did not know the connections of the characters at that time and also the names were partly unknown.

However, these figures quickly captivated him and became his favorite toys. Years later, after watching the first films in the public youth house, the passion rekindled. The old toys were taken out of the cellar and he replayed the movie scenes with friends. Nowadays, the old toys have been passed on to his children, and the next generation is growing with enthusiasm for the galaxy far far away. Since the character Darth Vader has always been his favorite character, he grew in his desire for a suitable costume of the greatest villains in film history. But over the years, he can´t find a suitable costume on the market and the wallet did not open up much opportunity, he built his first Darth Vader costume on his own. He took a step into a new world, because the passion for cosplay was sparked. The first performances did not only delight the guests but also him personally. Finally, the construction of an authentic movie accurate costume followed. The parts he received from all over the world, be it from Norway, North America, South America, Europe or even from Asia.

In 2016, he was inducted into 501st Legion, the world's largest Star Wars costume club, which is also the preferred partner of Disney and Lucasfilm. Since that moment and many appearances later, he decided to share his passion and skill in professional prop construction. In late 2016, he founded the company OPLE Props and today delivers costume parts and prop replicas all over the world. Not only Star Wars costume wearers love the products, more and more cosplayers are getting customers from him.

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01.Fan system OPLE Nano Cooling Fan Kostm Costume Cosplay Airsoft Paintball
02.Fan system OPLE Odin Fans Costume Cosplay Airsoft Paintball
03.Fan system OPLE Odin Fans Costume Cosplay Airsoft Paintball
04.OPLE Odin Pods suits with OPLE Odin fans Costume Cosplay Airsoft Paintball
05.Fan system OPLE Odin Advanced Fans Costume Cosplay Airsoft Paintball
06.OPLE Props Housing for Fan system OPLE Odin Fans Airsoft Paintball
07.Darth Vader helmet Rubies 34199 deluxe supreme mask replacement lenses
08.Powerbank suitable for all our fan systems OPLE Commander, Nano, Emperor etc.
09.OPLE Loop Mounting System for OPLE Props fan systems
10.Darth Vader Original Cape Chain

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Darth Vader Original Cape Chain
Darth Vader Original Cape Chain

19,99 EUR incl. VAT

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boba fett T-Visor helmet or mandalorian visor bobafett
Awesome quality, fits perfect into my helmet. Thank you very ..
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